When searching for the right colors, make sure to keep notes upon your observations. Make sure to write down paint colors and brands you like. You might remember about a great color, but have no brand to which it belongs to and have to start from square a. Also when going paint shopping, colors...

Interior painting is a fairly easy job any dedicated worker can tackle on their own. But before one begins to start slinging paint all over your priceless 18th century grandfather clock, one should take several steps of preparation. First of all, deciding what color, what type of paint..

It's true. You can paint your walls without priming them. If you're in a short-term housing situation and in a rush to get settled, a quick paint job without primer can do the trick. However, the purpose of priming is to protect and seal surfaces while providing an economical way to save paint..

Interior Painting is anything but the dull, boring paint job. You have a plethora of colors to choose from when painting a new room. In fact, ideas for room painting can be quite elaborate as well. Depending on what effect you would like the final result to have, you can create the perfect..

No matter how lively a color is, it can outlive your enjoyment. People change, furnishings change, and the same-old same-old gets boring. Applying paint effects brings texture and new life to your surroundings without a major investment. The secret is in the tools.

Although anything can be used..